Friday 8 April 2016

Manifesting - ‘Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it!’

It goes both ways – good and bad. When you’re grateful for things in life and are generally happy, you are rewarded with more good things. When you’re ungrateful and constantly complain, one tends to draw in more of the same. Quite simply, it’s the Law of Attraction. And it works throughout the Universe without emotion.

As we move from 3D into the 5th dimension, all things, including the plant kingdom, fish, animals and our bodies, are being transformed into crystalline bodies, moving away from the carbon based cells. As we adapt to this lighter energy, our vibrations increase. This is known as the ascension process. It also means that we’re now in the dispensation where our thoughts determine our reality. We need to watch how we think, releasing negative thoughts rapidly so as not to encourage their outcome, but rather determine a more positive outcome (beneficial to all) with purer thoughts.

I want to share my experiences with you on manifesting, purely by using positive energy injected into my aura, intentionally done, in an area of my life where I needed it most.

Last year I was stuck in an toxic work environment where I constantly became sick with kidney problems. The atmosphere was thick with hostility and rudeness. Being sensitive, it became all the more intolerable. I prayed incessantly, put my CV out regularly, and asked for guidance. In all the tarot readings I did for myself I saw that change was inevitable, but it seemed to be taking forever. Moreover, I was inundated with my own clients who were complaining about the unhappiness in their work spaces, and several had even been retrenched. All the songs were the same: ‘Where will I get a job at my age in South Africa? I’m white, female and over 50!’

I listened to all of this and realised that if I succumbed to thinking the same way, I would sit in my unhappy place forever and become even more sick. There was something I had to do. Firstly, I refused to believe that there wasn’t a job out there somewhere for me and changed my thoughts, keeping them positive, letting go immediately of any egotistical negative nudges. Secondly, I started communicating it to the clients who I read for, encouraging them to formulate their thoughts into more positive channels – It doesn’t matter about age or race or what is happening in the rest of the world. I am placed in the perfect job for me. I receive it without hesitation and thank God for blessing me abundantly.

One evening during the bleak months, I attended a talk given by a homeopath on how the brain functionality affects the body, and just how and why the body reacts the way it does. In brief, we are actually given the signals via our bodies how our thoughts are affecting our lives! I made an appointment to see her a week later. She agreed – my brain needed some ‘re-wiring’ and I also needed to build myself up to the point where the negative surroundings would no longer affect me. With this process in mind, we worked on my aura, rebuilding and strengthening it.

I must mention that, along with my protection visualisation where I invoked the spiritual beings into my space everyday, I was also extending love from the heart chakra for a 20km radius to transmute lower energies into love. With the pummelling of the negative workplace, my aura was leaking and I was taking on all those negative energies without me knowing it. I was wide open to the abuse, thus causing me to fold and become more sick. I had also stopped seeing my own clients as I simply didn’t have the energy to cope with anyone else’s problems.

I took the homeopathic tablets every day as advised and watched the transition in myself. It didn’t take long – probably less than two weeks – when I noticed that whoever was mean to me in the workplace suffered a repercussion. As my aura became stronger, so my energy levels rose and I started consulting again. I felt revived and refreshed. I continued to put my CV out but now became more selective with the companies I submitted it to. I knew that change was imminent! I was no longer weak and with this new resolve I worked the Law of Attraction by staying positive.

Things that I merely thought of would start manifesting into my life. I’d think of a book that I wanted to read and the next minute it would be randomly sent to me via email. I’d think of information that I required, and leads and pointers would come across my path. I received a phone call in the small hours of the morning from a publishing house wanting to know whether my novel was ready, which left me astounded as my novel is still in my head!

I was ‘in tune’ again.

Unexpectedly one day I received a call from an employment agent who reminded me that I had applied for a job as an Executive Assistant for a Social Investment Manager, and that they would like to meet me as they had shortlisted applications received. She said that her and her colleague would come to meet me as they could see that I worked on the other side of town and possibly wouldn’t be able to get away. How considerate! In the moment though I knew that the Divine’s hand was at work. It’s not common these days for an agent to make the effort to drive across town to see a candidate.

We agreed to meet the following day at a venue chosen by myself to discuss the position. She said that they needed to establish whether I would be a ‘social fit’. The name of the company would also remain confidential until they met me. Over the moon at having been approached, I scarcely took in what she was saying. Even if this wasn’t the job, I said to myself, at least something is starting. Things are looking up for me!

The following morning driving to work, the phrase ‘social fit’ fell into my thoughts. What did she mean by that? Was I going to be different from everyone else and they needed to grill me to see whether I was amiable enough to withstand different cultures? I said to the angels, ‘Please don’t let my new boss be similar to the one I’m working for now!’ and ‘Please, please don’t let it be some corrupt government official!’ I started to become anxious. Out of nowhere came the small voice: ‘It’s for the Smiths*.’

‘No way!’ I said. By that time I’d arrived at work and there was no time to haggle with the angels. We speak regularly so this is not a new phenomenon for those who don’t know me.

Over lunch I met with the agents. They stressed confidentiality again, saying that security was tight with the family and that I would be working in a secure zone, and then told me the name. The Smiths*!

I think my jaw hit the table!

I went for the first interview and decided that it sounded like the position I would like to be in.

Armed with the information around the job, I contacted the homeopath again who had urged me to come back to her when I had been offered a position. She had emphasized that when my aura was strong and I was sending out the right vibes, I would be approached. Until that time, anyone would be able to pick up that I was anxious and my applications would be useless. She had offered to help me to manifest the job I wanted.

She showed me how to inject the right wording into my aura, concentrating for 15 minutes, all attention being given to what I desired. I spared no time in concentrating on manifesting the job, thinking of all good things to bring into my space. I had already drawn up a list of what my desires were so it was relatively easy.

Staying positive and truly believing that I had the job was extremely difficult though. Many times my self-confidence waned. I was also approached by another employment agent offering a similar position to the one I was in. However, the company was situated in a high traffic zone and the manager to whom I’d report sounded similar to the current one, so that application fell by the wayside.

A second interview took place two weeks later, and shortly after I found myself signing my new work contract!

I started working for the Smiths* just over six months ago. With the manifesting I had achieved what I wanted from a job.

BUT I want to share something else with you. The manifesting did not stop after I started here. There were many things that were so impractical about the position.

I sat upstairs, away from the other two colleagues. All the equipment was downstairs. I had to run up and down a steep staircase all day long. This was not ideal and frustrating.

The parking place was far away from the house I am working in, and the gum from the pine trees fell on to my car and little drops of it fastened on to the windscreen every day.

The other executive assistant was miserable and unhappy. There was no conversation, except when necessary. The atmosphere was starch and unfriendly.

Even the coffee machine was out of bounds. I’d been told that it was for visitors only.

I started walking every day at lunch time, talking to the angels, asking them why on earth I was placed in such a miserable place. Going in and out of the security area every day, I became used to the guards who became friendly. One day I dared to walk down the driveway (which was also out of bounds at that stage) and was admiring an area of the garden when one of the guards came over. He said he’d noticed me talking to myself. I laughingly told him that I was talking to the angels. He was hooked! He told the others, and since then I have been sharing angel information with them.

I decided that I’d best stay in my office, only seeking out company at lunch time when I went walking, still asking the Divine to sort out the miserable state of affairs here.

It was mid-December when a mountain was moved out of the way. The other executive assistant resigned and left immediately. Her office downstairs was now free and I moved into it. Lovely – all the equipment was here and there was no need to climb up and down the steep staircase. The atmosphere for me lightened.

During the course of January, an overseas manager visited the estate and noticed that I walked down the road to the house every day. She promptly set the tone that I can park outside the house. Out of the blue, she also interrupted a meeting and came in without invite to find out if I use the coffee machine, immediately showed me how to use it and made me a cup of coffee!

The manifesting had continued – the Divine had heard my prayers and set matters straight.

The universe doesn’t care whether your request is small or big, how impossible it may seem! When your head and heart is aligned with the Divine, things fall into place the way they should. Setting your priorities without waiver is the key to the art of manifesting.

Since being shown the correct way to bring your desires into your aura and putting that intention into your space, I have manifested a new home as well.

Last night was new moon, and I used the manifestation technique to bring in my Twin Flame. The time is right.

All manifestations are best done at new moon when the energies are right for bringing in your desires. I am sharing the manifestation tips with you so that you can too bring things into your life that will enhance your spiritual journey.

In no way is this manifestation technique to be used to manipulate anyone, especially in the form of a love relationship. Everyone has free will and forcing anyone to do something against their will present repercussions. Do the manifestations when you feel strong and confident and know exactly what it is that you desire, and not before. Also, be aware that it is important to mention the little things, like where your office equipment should be (i.e. closeby), suitable parking facilities, and that you desire friendly colleagues, etc. These may sound trivial, but when you are at work 8 hours a day, it’s important that you are happy and surrounded by supportive people.

The above article is written by me based on my own experiences. For anyone else, the experience may be different, and it would be lovely to have feedback.

*Smith – not their real name as their identity is protected.

 ~Dianne Radloff~
Angels Haven


  1. Wow Diane,thank you.I'm sure the Divine Put you on my path today.Love and Light Sue

  2. Today is 2 September 2022 and I am reading your manifestation post. I want to cry but the tears are not coming. I needed this so much. Thank you Diane❤️