Tuesday 19 May 2015

Signs and Synchronicities

So many signs all around us. There are the tangible traffic signs, company and building signs, and the hand signals, the personal smiles and smirks, and the tell-tale signs on the body when illness lurks. The signs we see and the signs our intuition picks up. The list is endless. We seem to be ruled by them. Do this, don’t do that, watch out for this, take heed of that, it’s okay, it’s not okay. For most part of the day we pay attention to those pointing the way, and then for a small part of the day we look for the ones meant for us personally, if we’re open to them that is. 

It’s often when we’re down and out that we seem to look for signs that will indicate whether there’s a way out for us, and in our desperation we can miss those subtle signs the Universe sends us, and probably has been sending us all along.

When working within the light, one of the first aspects of the young journey is tuning in. As one tends to become more sensitive to hearing and seeing signs from the Universe it may start off gradually with a feather here or there, a coin on the ground, a message you hear on the radio, or via a friend or stranger that you know is specifically meant for you. The frightening part is when you think the signs or messages have stopped for some reason and you flounder all over the place looking for some validation. You want answers, you want to hear something, see something … for heavens’ sake where is everyone?
Just like prayers being answered or manifestations being met, the same goes for signs sent from the Divine. It goes with the Law of Flow. To keep things moving in your life you need to have clear thoughts, continually clear out the old thoughts that keep you in a negative space, throw out old stuff that no longer serves you, and have an open and honest relationship with the Divine. Holding on to the old will only stymy and set you back, keeping you in a rut which will in turn make you behave in a desperate manner. In a desperate manner, you will fail to see the signs, hear the signs and totally block yourself off from receiving the very thing you are longing for. When you clear yourself, you make room for the new to come in.

When I was a little girl my first “sign” was a visit from an angel some time in the dead of night. I was holidaying on my late granny’s farm and woke to find an angel in the room. He stood there and just looked at me, tall and white against the wall. There was no fear on my part, I was absolutely thrilled! The next day in my innocence I shared my vision with everyone, although I doubt whether anyone believed me.

Throughout my childhood I had an invisible friend who I spoke to and played with. In my early 20s when someone I loved dearly broke up our relationship, I saw the hand of Jesus coming down and I put mine up to take his, only to realise that nothing was there.
Having a Christian upbringing led me to have natural conversations with the Holy Spirit and Jesus. God was a little further away in those days and the conversations with him were a little more formal and I used to ask him for stuff more often than not! At that time I placed them in different categories, not really knowing any differently.

Some 13 years ago, the voice of the Holy Spirit told me that I was going to get a cat and her name was Sabrina. A few hours later the same day, I visited a cousin for tea and to my astonishment, her cat had kittens which were four weeks old. There were three grey males, and one reddish brown female. Sabrina. She became my child at the age of five weeks and still runs the household!

When I moved to Johannesburg, I discovered the esoteric fayres and went to have readings from time to time. The one that struck me the most was the angel card reading done by Irene, who has since passed over. She pulled up cards from three different decks and the message was all the same – truly confirming what I already knew since I was a kid – that I need to write.

It was some time after that reading that I started feeling a light touch on my left cheek especially late in the evenings; it was very gentle, almost breeze-like although there was no window open.

At the same time there was a stirring that I needed to do something for humanity, as though there was something missing from my life, and I started searching. I also found that my body was undergoing a tremendous change. Whenever I entered shopping malls or busy places, my legs ached so badly that I could scarcely walk. And in my head I started picking up others’ thoughts and I would know conversations before they began … Most of the thoughts weren’t pleasant and it was terribly disheartening. This is another story in its entirety, but it lead me to speaking to a friend who suggested I needed a mentor as my psychic ability had increased to the point where I needed help, especially on how to protect myself and she suggested one.

A couple of weeks later I found myself on the doorstep of a woman who channelled angels and spirit guides. To my amazement when she opened the door, it was Irene, the woman who had given me my first angel reading. On the very first visit we were chatting away when she became fidgety and said that a very large angel was standing in front of her and he was urging her to write something down. And that’s when Archangel Jophiel entered my life…
He was the one who had been touching my cheek to get my attention.

Dianne, healer of Souls. Know that I am with you and I surround you with love and light. We are all so pleased you are now using your gifts which have been brought from many lifetimes. You have been a healer, a prophet and a seer. Now you will learn to heal on many levels but physical healing is not the most important. Healing of the mental and emotional level is all important and you are gifted with that ability. Trust what you are given, know that you are protected and loved. Feel my presence with you always. I am Jophiel, Archangel of the Realms of Light.

That night when I drove home, he sat beside me and I could feel and see his presence. In one particular road the street lights were off and as we neared each one, they came on individually.

I had met Helve, my guardian angel, many years ago during a meditation with a spiritual group, but I didn’t know the power or the work of the guardian angel in those days. People in the group said that he was huge and took up part of the room. I had until this point taken his presence for granted. And now I had two invisible friends.

I found myself attending angel school, and during this period realised that Jesus was a part of the entourage too and so it there were four of us … The troupe was growing.

And then I started asking them for signs too. I didn’t only want to have contact during meditations. Where was my feather? Other people were given signs, where were my signs?
I finally got one. It was a large blue black feather on the floor in the middle of my bedroom. (There was no little body lying around compliments of Sabrina.)  Since then on numerous occasions the dark feathers have been left for me. I puzzled over the dark feathers for a long time until Uriel revealed that it was him who left the dark feathers – he has dark wings. He had joined the circle of four while we were out walking one day. I realised that there was one extra “body” in the row of walkers, and later he joined us when we went shopping. I had a feeling it was him although he didn’t reveal his name initially. He appeared to me when I was alone in my office some days later and confirmed it was him. We were now a team of five.

Whenever I go anywhere they are all invited and we go as a team. They are an integral part of my life and we make big decisions together, or they guide me what to do next.
One night I was sitting in the lounge when a little bird flew in, chased by the neighbour’s cat who had hurt it. I didn’t realise how badly the little guy’s leg was hurt until I put him outside later and he hopped around on one leg. I pleaded with the angels to heal the little fellow, expecting a miracle to take place before my eyes. It didn’t happen. Instead I felt that Ariel was around. She’s the angel who looks after animals and nature. She urged me to put him safely away from my cats in the bathroom. I lined the bath with a towel and put water and food down for him and prayed that he would be okay. During the night I dreamt that he came to visit me. He was now plump and happy and he showed me that his leg was healed but a little crooked. In that moment I knew that he had crossed over, and when I got up in the morning, he was dead.

And that’s how Ariel came into my life.

Since then Gabriel has popped up – she presents as a female. She’s terribly bossy and sits in the middle of the back seat and says there’s not enough space for everyone. For some reason she sits higher than the others. She has a wicked sense of humour. The group became 7.

At the beginning of this year I asked the angels to show me where we are going on holiday this year. I asked whether we could go to a place with a beach. Although a terrible swimmer, I love being around water. Over the next few weeks they confirmed several many times that we would be going to Phuket. Suddenly I was receiving travel brochures and adverts for Thailand. I asked for a quote from an agent who professed to be cheap and he added on a further R5 000 for a single concession. I was mortified and told my group that we aren’t going unless it’s reasonable, or otherwise we’d be going back to Umhloti this year. I shelved all plans. A week later an email arrived in the inbox of an email address I use only for accounts and personal applications. It was for an extremely reasonable package of eight days, 9 nights, flights and transfers, at such a reasonable price, even with a single concession, that I booked the same day! The plans fell into place. We were going to Phuket.
We recently returned from there. I want to be honest and tell you that I expected to have a huge spiritual revelation while I was there, but it didn’t happen like that. It was quiet in the beginning and a bit puzzling. I received no messages and no signs. After a couple of days of getting into the swing of relaxing as the previous weeks had been torrid, I found that my mind was quiet and at peace. I started realising that there was no drama, and I was also not feeding into any drama, I could focus on me and only me for a change. There was very little English spoken where I was as most of the tourists spoke foreign languages and only on occasion did I hear anything I understood.

One particular morning, a little bird sat on the balcony rail of my room; he ran up and down the rail and was clearly looking at himself in the glass. A friend! The little guy came around often after that and he spent a lot of time in the trees below my window. I’d often hear him chirp.

And then one evening I was told to open the book in the shelf below the tv. It was a book I’d noticed which was stacked with the hotel info and menu, and I assumed a guest had left it at the hotel. The book was titled “Inside and Outside” and was about the Buddha religion. I let the book fall open. It opened on the page called “Dana (giving)”. A sign for me. Last year the angels prompted me to change my name to Dana and I said that I’d use it when writing. Around about that time I was attending a metaphysical course and we were discussing the power of a name, and I was discouraged from changing my name. When I walked away from that class, the angels once again urged me to use the name. I travelled all these miles to have it confirmed once again. Apparently, they tell me, I don’t need to worry about the surname.

A few days prior to my trip, I became aware of a tall male around me. I sensed he was a Master and not a soul who needed to cross over or needed help. After reading the page on Dana, I became more aware that he was around. That Sunday I felt compelled to visit Big Buddha. Feeling very feminine in my new dress, I found a taxi to take me to the site. After strolling around and viewing the layout, eventually I went down to the kiosk at the bottom of the hill to find that a monk was now seated at the shrine and giving blessings. The urge to go for a blessing was so strong, I slipped off my shoes without a thought and within a few seconds found myself on my knees before him. I came away with water dripping from my hair and hands, and feeling so joyful. I don’t have a clue what he said but it didn’t make a difference.

In the days that followed the message I received was that it was a new cycle for me, there’s a new beginning. There is going to be no more drama and I’m not going to feed the drama in my life, that I have the capacity to step away from it. What feeds my thoughts will manifest and in order to manifest properly, I need to keep the thoughts positive and concentrate only on that which I want to bring in.

What I’ve shared with you are a few of the signs that I’ve received over the years. It may sound a little silly the way they come about, but nothing has been without synchronicity. On occasion when I’ve been uncertain, I have asked for help – without embarrassment. Sometimes I’ve asked more than once if I didn’t understand or simply didn’t get it. For a long time now I have manifested things almost instantly where I have merely thought things and within a short time the information appears or is sent to me, along with the right person who can help me. The way this is happening is incredibly powerful as it has shown me just how powerful the mind is. I’m now more careful of thinking negative thoughts and using negative terms as it only feeds an already bad situation. Two areas of my life remain “unresolved” and I am now consciously working on them.

Where you are experiencing conflict, it’s better to choose to share something troubling with someone who will listen without taking it on so that you can still voice your concerns, otherwise if you bottle things up, the troubles will manifest in the body and make you ill, signs I’m sure you have experienced yourself.

The good news is that our group is now a happy 8. The tall man who has made himself known to me is Lord Maitreya. I’ve shared some of his story with you in the latest Angel Digest newsletter. He revealed himself in a recent meditation as he walks beside Jesus and overlights the Christ consciousness. He is prevalent with regard to the Buddha tradition and is even known as the Laughing Buddha with the chubby tummy. He doesn’t present himself as the short fat man to me though, rather he’s tall and walks very upright. He brings in laughter and happiness. I’m still a little shy with him, however, I’m sure my group will help me overcome the shyness and we’ll soon settle in.

In the meantime, I have spurts of unexpected laughter that bubble up.
Whatever and wherever you go, the signs will always be there. Don’t despair even in the darkest moments. Take a step back and collect your thoughts. If possible, remove the emotion and wait. Patience will pay off and within a short while you’ll receive the sign/s you are looking for, perhaps not in the way you imagined. However, once you’ve touched the heart of God, you’ll be fed personally and individually. When you walk with angels, you’ll never be alone.

Some signs you can start looking for in your own life, and these will just be the start: feathers, coins, rainbows, signs in nature – like the formation of leaves and rocks or stones, messages in songs or on the radio – especially when you’ve asked a particular question, books that suddenly fall off a shelf near you, messages from friends or strangers in answer to a question.

Another sign is a totem animal. If you start seeing an animal, bird or insect that is not normally around you, then note what it is and find out what it represents. This is a very strong indication of whatever is going on in your life and again sent from the Divine to help you.

Remember whatever sign you receive will always be confirmed. It’s one of the Spiritual Laws. Not only once either, sometimes many times. There is always an open door to the angels and the Divine. All you need to do is open it. It’s already right before you. Tell your guardian angel today that you are willing and ready to learn what he has to show you. You don’t need to know his or her name to start the process. (The guardian angel meditation is on my website which will help you learn their name when you are ready.)

The angels are great motivators. They work gently and only with the highest intentions for your good and that of others. They will not harm you or harm others. If you are praying for something to your detriment or against another, it won’t work. Your tongue is your rudder in life, use it well.

There is so much magick out there for you to uncover. All your signs and synchronicities will be different to anyone else’s as everyone is on a different path or calling. There is so much fun and joy when working with angels, your life will take on a new meaning.

The above blog is based on personal experience and may only be used or copied in its entirety with credit being given to me, Dianne Radloff of Angels Haven © 19.05.15