Thursday 12 February 2015

Twin Flame Relationships

You’ve been waiting for that special someone. In fact, you thought several times in your lifetime that This.Was.The.One - only to realise it wasn’t. You’ve since heard about a Soul Mate, and now there’s a Twin Flame. What on earth is going on you ask, if there’s a crooked lid for every crooked pot, where is yours and why is it eluding you?

Sounds quite complicated, and it can be, but let’s try and make it simple.

You are part of a soul group – consisting of 144 souls – called a monad. Each of the souls in your soul group are known as soul mates. Now soul mates may be your best friend, your colleague, a guy at the grocery store, a stranger who helps you who you may never see again, and with each encounter or relationship, you feel comfortable as if you know that person. You may even have a romantic relationship with a soul mate, and may even marry one.

A soul mate relationship may also be a karmic relationship that you need to work through, which will never work out. The same goes for a kindred spirit relationship.

A twin flame on the other hand, is a slightly different story.

Your soul has another half, or a twin. While in the ethers and before coming to spend your first lifetimes on earth, you parted. The soul has two aspects - a perfect balance of masculine and feminine, and each gave the other a chance to spend lifetimes on earth while the one spent time in the ethers. For many lifetimes this carried on. Bear in mind that while the soul split, each part is a complete soul in itself. It can survive without the other!

When heeding the call to come to help with the upliftment or ascension on planet earth, both souls decided to spend lifetimes on earth apart, with the final lifetime being the one where you come together and spend the rest of that lifetime together. Obviously you will have ascended on your spiritual path to this level.

If you are one of the lucky ones, this could be the lifetime where you will experience the Twin Flame relationship.

During the time of spiritual awakening somewhere deep inside, the souls realise that they are yearning for that great love, The One. And as they become more aware, they realise that they are yearning for their “other half” (not to be mistaken for the off-handed way some people describe and diminish their partners). Now the other half of the soul may be on another continent altogether and there may even be a substantial age gap between the two.

What makes the Twin Flame relationship so interesting, is that wherever they are, they will find each other. They will be telepathically drawn to each other and nothing will stop them from meeting up and being together. Their lives will have synchronicities that they never thought possible. When they finally meet it will be as though they have known each other all their lives, and of course they have, although it has been in the ethers or on other planes.

Previously it has been projected that Twin Flame relationships are difficult, volatile, and painful. The partners meet, stay together for a time, and then part, only to have the relationship flare up again. It was supposed that while the attraction is great, the intensity was too much, forcing the couple apart. Friends and family would look on this and not understand the relationship at all and even advise the couple to stay apart.

While the ascension process is evolving and so many souls awakening, our outlook has also changed on life. We are dealing with a much more evolved energy now, and so our souls have also evolved with regard to relationships. We are being prepared to handle the Twin Flame relationship. It is after all, the one that will reflect the shadow side of ourselves, where we can stand back and recognise something within ourselves that needs to grow. So the relationship need not be one of torment as we recognise where our short comings are, but rather that we accept what we need to work on. Your Twin Flame will be so much like you, that you will think alike, have the same interests, and may even have physical similarities.

The interesting part in all of this, is that until recently I really hadn’t taken much notice of the term “Twin Flame”. It was about two years ago, sitting with a fellow friend and psychic, Juanita, that she waved to someone over my shoulder and told me that my guardian angel was wanting to tell me something. Helve, my guardian angel, told Juanita that it’s not long to go now, not YEARS any longer, before my partner presents himself to me and that I’ll recognise him by his smell. (No, he won’t have a body odour problem!) But I am clairsentient and have always smelt things, including long term partners who I have loved dearly. Very few people know this, so when Helve sharing this with Juanita I knew it was a message directly from him. He went on to share a few more things and I was intrigued.

Not long afterwards, the smells started. For close on a year and a half I would pick up smells relating to doctor’s rooms, or hospitals or similar. I waited patiently, all the while thinking perhaps the partner coming in was ill and going through medical tests or at the dentist, you name it. These smells presented at the most strange times – when I was in the car, at the office, in fact, anywhere, and I knew that it was related to my future partner. In the end I came to the conclusion that he's in the medical field - surely someone can't be ill for such an extended period of time?  Out of curiosity I found myself asking friends how old their respective doctors and dentists were so I could check them out. I realised too that this wasn't going to work as there are a myriad of them out there, and I would also be forcing or manipulating the issue, and in the end I gave up. After all, if something or someone is going to come into my life it needs to happen naturally.

I recall forcing a relationship when I was in my early 20s, and even sitting on the poor chap so he couldn’t go home! It ended in marriage and a subsequent divorce some years later!

At a full moon meditation a few months ago, I eventually asked the angels with whom I work to help bring a partner into my life. My spiritual growth has been immense over the years and I feel I have the time now to expend on a relationship. Before this, to be honest I had changed my mind many times – yes, I’m ready, no, I’m not …  So I set the intention and did the little magick that goes with it and have left it safely in the care of the Divine. 

Later the same week, the smell changed – the one I associate with my future partner. No more medical smell. It was the smell of wild flowers, and earth, as though I was spending time outdoors, but there I was diligently sitting at my desk working.

You can imagine my confusion!

On occasion it has been the smell of engine oil.  Was he having car problems? On another occasion something was burning and the smell was so strong that I ran around the house looking to see whether a plug had set alight, only to realise that the smell was nowhere except in MY nose; on several occasions I have smelt tobacco smoke and I had the feeling he was with other people who were smoking; there have been pleasant soapy smells, and on occasion a tinge of perspiration; and so it continues ...

Now you’re probably asking if I am clairsentient, how do I know that it’s Him and not someone else who is around me? I interact fairly often with spirits who call at my home and sometimes at the office, who want to pass on a message to their loved ones. When dealing with them I do sometimes tune into their smell but it’s in the moment when they appear to me and as soon as the message has been received, they disappear. There is a definite divide.

In the meantime, I have had some clients who asked about the Twin Flame and even some who have said that they are anticipating this great love coming in, a few who can smell their partner too. It can be mind-blowing as it can drive you crazy. So I started doing some research on the subject and found that it’s not so strange at all. This is how things work on the soul level – the contact, the dreams, the smells …

And along with it … the waiting game … 

With the current energies surrounding us, especially now, and with it being a period where great change is taking place, those relationships which are not working will part. This includes romantic relationships as well as friendships. The karma that we carry from previous lifetimes is working its way out.  We don’t need to come back in another lifetime to finish some or other karma, we can do it right here and now. We don’t need to go through the same dramas and traumas over and over. We don’t need to have those difficult and painful relationships which destroy us. We can deal with every issue as it arises NOW in this lifetime.

We have progressed to the point where everything is all about love and we can return to the very basis on which we are built - love. 

Love yourself first and work on yourself first. This will ultimately allow the love of your life to come in.

Cut the cords of energy vampires, cut the cords of difficult relationships, open yourself up to receive the greatest blessing of all: Love.

Watch your actions, watch your words.

Having casual sex will also limit the chance of your soul mate coming in. You are saying to the universe that you aren’t ready emotionally. Really get to know the other person before committing yourself sexually.

Remember your intention. Focus. Don’t waver.

Your Twin Flame relationship WILL work out. It is an agreement that you made with your twin flame before returning to earth that you will meet up when you are both here. If you have had a relationship which didn’t work out and you are convinced it was your Twin Flame, it wasn’t. It may have been a soul mate or karmic relationship or kindred spirit relationship, but not your Twin Flame.

Meeting your Twin Flame may take a while, but it will be worth the wait.

Note: Soul mate relationships also work, never doubt that. Some people will have soul mate relationships during this lifetime as their Twin Flame didn’t incarnate during this lifetime. There is nothing wrong with that as it was agreed before you returned.

The blog above is based on research that I’ve done, and also includes personal views based on current experience.